Virtual police department case study essay

As is typical for local law enforcement, Patrol is the largest unit. These statistics show that there is a consistent pattern with the most and the least common offences maintaining the statuses throughout the period.

Along with the sworn officers, they are also extremely overstaffed with civilian employees as well. The process of socialization seems to be missing from the Virtual Police Department.

This will help reduce the level of offences because the cost savings arising from this strategy will be helpful in enhancing hot spots policing and other valuable policing strategies that will avert crime Braga and Weisburd, The department should have more diversity amongst the officers.

Case Study: The Virtual Police Department

Their assumptions were based on three reasons: That means that 31, calls for assistance were unanswered. Training is one of the main victims of the reduced administrative budget. Yet, the most imperative is that he did this job consummately.

Wilson and George L. Budget cuts have also greatly restricted management and leadership training for the newly promoted command staff members.

See Library Services for assistance in this area. Not just family relations or friends. From the statistics on the arrests made, it is clear that there were more adult arrests than juvenile arrests throughout the four years. Taking a look at the criminal statistics, I initially notice that due to the unplanned city demographic changes, the department is currently suffering a set back with a larger than projected area of responsibility and more citizens within their jurisdiction.

Virtual County Police Department the&nbspCase Study

Finally, I would appoint a Human Resource Manager to ensure that the needs of the personnel are met and a Safety Officer to ensure that regulations are being followed appropriately. Health and Society I really appreciate the magnificent paper.

This trend has resulted in commanders and supervisor, especially the first-line supervisor, with little experience in police administration. Thoughts that the essayist exhibited in the paper are incredibly fascinating and merit a lot of consideration.

These processes will work as a powerful deterrent to corruption and give rise to renewed assurance in the department by the citizens it serves. The demographic differences in the community and police department is wide. To meet the negotiated salary levels, the police department has had to make significant cuts elsewhere including fleet maintenance, CSI field and lab equipment, telecommunications and building maintenance.Introduction This paper will consist of an overview of the Virtual Police Department, the history of that department and where it is today.

Virtual Police Department Case Study

I will analyse. The Essay on Becoming A Police Officer: An Insider's Guide To A Career In Law Enforcement Sage Publications, Inc. Virtual Police Department Case Study Paper.

Background information on the Virtual Police Department for the final project is found in Course Content Business and Marketing Essay. Case Study: The Virtual Police Department. Order Description. Read the document in the course syllabus under Course Resources labeled “Final Project Background.”.

Supplemental Information for Final Project: Case Study: The Virtual Police Department Virtual City Police Department The Virtual City Police Department was created 63 years ago with a few police officers and a Chief. Free Essay: Tisha Bate CCJS / Law Enforcement Administration Virtual Police Department Case Study Due 8 March University of Maryland University.

The Virtual Police Department is a medium sized department with sworn officers. The department has a long history of hiring from a “good ole boy” system.

The criteria for being hired at this particular department is minimal and their turnover rate for personnel is often and all at once.

Virtual police department case study essay
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