The major issues of concern in the presidential race

We should revise the minimum wage law to a "living wage" so that it would support even costs including room and board, healthcare, and education. Going along with this is the issue of big business influence in government.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban regime was changed to our installed puppet governments who could neither defeat the Taliban nor create a stable democratic system. Cburg I think a major issue should be the over use of pesticides and GMO based agriculture.

The Republican party has really shot itself in the foot by alienating the majority of americans. Education, wellness and greater earnings tend to drive down crime and promote greater economic activity.

The campaign, which took place during an economic depression known as the Panic ofwas a realigning election that ended the old Third Party System and began the Fourth Party System. Economic issues, especially tariff policy and the question of whether the gold standard should be preserved for the money supplywere central issues.

It follows that the U. Crippling college debt will also have rippling effects across our economy. The three main concerns of people who are poor, which the gap is increasing and is in the Bible, are food, clothing, and shelter.

As long as we are able to maintain superior military technology, then we should be able to cut the military budget appropriately. All of the above indicators are currently being provided in many European countries.

As compared to the European countries where there is little or no tuition, we have our students take a heavy mortgage type loans for their education, which puts them into long term debt ranging from 10 to 30 years of loans. Most Americans want more natural agricultural methods used, are very concerned about the ingredients in their food, and how they are raised and produced.

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Stagnating domestic conditions and a counterproductive foreign policy have prompted the emergence of unconventional candidates who appeal to voter disenchantment. Student college costs have defied the distributional objectives of the nation and will contribute to keeping the poor out of college and the middle class saddled with debt.

Certainly many schools and government programs are already full and underfunded, but the consequence of neglecting 11 million people is both morally heinous and economically disastrous. We should be able to stand on a street corner and preach the gospel just like any religion should be able to do.

Recent vitriolic remarks by republic presidential candidates denouncing undocumented workers underscore the need to finally address immigration.Feb 12,  · From concerns about the economy and the war in Iraq to the perennial topics of Social Security and the health care system, a range of issues is guiding this year's presidential race.

The United States presidential election of was the 28th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday high unemployment, and violent strikes.

United States presidential election, 1896

Economic issues, especially tariff policy and the question of whether the gold standard should be preserved for the money supply visited the leaders of large corporations and major. Feb 04,  · Election Issues: Candidate Positions a position it has not held since the presidential race.

A December poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that health ranked second. In a new volume, “Eight Big Issues the Presidential Candidates Should Address,” Haskins and Sawhill pick eight top issues they believe should be the focus of the upcoming campaign, noting. Important Issues for the Presidential Election: – Gun Control buttons Directory and information center to educate voters. provides the opportunity for students to engage in extended non-partisan political research projects and to contribute to our political issues section below. The Big Issues Of The Campaign And where the presidential candidates stand on them.

C limate change is one of the most partisan issues in the presidential race, Voters in both major.

The major issues of concern in the presidential race
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