The life and music of rupert mccall

Oh, I love each day as a rover may, Nor seek to understand. To make my body a temple pure Wherein I dwell serene; To care for the things that shall endure, The simple, sweet and clean. As MC, he set the tone for the two days so that everything went smoothly and stress-free.

Then as I stood somewhat amazed and gazed with eyes agog, With bitter rage his gun he raised and blazed and shot the dog. I was once, I declare, a Stone-Age man, And I roomed in the cool of a cave; I have known, I will swear, in a new life-span, The fret and the sweat of a slave: To oust out envy and hate and rage, To breathe with no alarm; For Nature shall be my anchorage, And none shall do me harm.

To scorn all strife, and to view all life With the curious eyes of a child; From the plangent sea to the prairie, From the slum to the heart of the Wild.

His easy going nature and poetic flare make him an entertaining and fun host. Researching, writing and reciting special poetical tributes is what makes Rupert McCall truly unique. The audience loved his presentation. The fellow gave a savage shout and cursed with all his might.

We thank him for making our Christmas Party a special and memorable night. I should have bawled the bastard out, a yellow dog he slew. To see it all, the wide world-way, From the fig-leaf belt to the Pole; With never a one to say me nay, And none to cramp my soul.

What could I say? Then every star shall sing to me Its song of liberty; And every morn shall bring to me Its mandate to be free. For far over all that folks hold worth, There lives and there leaps in me A love of the lowly things of earth, And a passion to be free.

But worse, he proved beyond a doubt that - I was yellow too. To shun all lures that debauch the soul, The orgied rites of the rich; To eat my crust as a rover must With the rough-neck down in the ditch.

And may I go a-roaming on Until the day I die! Rupert has already carved out a unique position in the Australian psyche and will continue to captivate and inspire audiences for years to come.

Green and Gold Malaria

His people skills are impressive with the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and involved. Tongue-tied I watched him stride away, I never saw his face. In many sectors, Rupert McCall has become the poet of our generation. Yellow One pearly day in early May I walked upon the sand And saw, say half a mile away, a man with gun in hand.

Rupert McCall

He understands the occasion and is a master at connecting with the heart and soul of what that moment is all about. When like a streak the dog dashed out, the ducks flashed up in flight. He is passionate and patriotic and that is reflected in his poetry which stirs the emotion of the audience and brings the spirit of Australia to the fore.

From the red-rimmed star to the speck of sand, From the vast to the greatly small; For I know that the whole for good is planned, And I want to see it all.

No one in the world can get the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention like Rupert McCall. You know how dogs can yelp with pain; its blood soaked in the sand, And yet it crawled to him again, and tried to lick his hand.

What could I do? Carefree to be, as a bird that sings; To go my own sweet way; To reck not at all what may befall, But to live and to love each day. We had many positive comments from our staff on how they enjoyed meeting him and listening to his poems.

In belly-pinch I will pay the price, But God!LOUNGING on a veranda, under shade provided by the corrugated iron roof on his old Queenslander in Paddington, Rupert McCall scribbles out a. Rupert McCall's Biography. Rupert McCall OAM is the author of six anthologies of verse that have collectively sold overcopies.

He is equally at home in radio or on TV and his resume features hosting roles for CH7’s The Great South East, 4BC’s Sports Today program and CH9’s Weekend Extra. Rupert McCall left his job as a solicitor in to concentrate on writing.

He has worked as a poet, broadcaster, presenter, Master of Ceremonies, public speaker and travel host. In addition to his published books, McCall has also published CDs. InMcCall attended Queensland's International Conference for Mental Health as writer-in-residence.

Rupert McCall is an actor, known for The Brisbane Bard () and Me, Myself & I: The Story of a Self-Man (). View Rupert McCall’s full profile. It's free! Your colleagues, classmates, and million other professionals are on LinkedIn. View Rupert’s Full ProfileTitle: Director at Taskhill Pty Ltd.

Rupert McCall is a retired solicitor who left the legal profession to become a full time poet. "I’ve been involved with Mates4Mates from the day the doors opened for one reason and one reason only. To help the returned veteran write the next chapter of their life .

The life and music of rupert mccall
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