The issue of drunk driving in the prom season

Prom, Death and Sexual Assault: Getting decked out eats up a big chunk of prom budgets For girls, going to prom is all about the dress, and finding the perfect one at the right price is no easy task. Students who do get caught drinking and driving this year could face serious ramifications.

A poll done by Students against Destructive Decisions and Drugfree.

Police prepare for prom season drunk driving

While consuming too much alcohol is dangerous for teenagers, this danger is only increased when they get behind the wheel of a car. Since teens must have insurance coverage to drive, the insurer should pay for losses the accident has caused, even if a The issue of drunk driving in the prom season teen driver has no assets which belong directly to him.

A survey conducted by PEMCO Insurance found that while 51 percent of adults said parents should forbid their child from going to an after-prom party where alcohol would be present, another 20 percent gave it the thumbs up as long as the event would be chaperoned.

According to Liberty Mutual, 54 percent of teens who admitted to drinking during or after the prom said they consumed four or more alcoholic beverages. On the other hand, 1 in 10 teens, who said they never drove under the influence, admitted to occasionally driving after drinking alcohol.

They wind up with a criminal record, which can be even more serious if they were involved in accidents. The drugs causing or contributing to the impairment need not be illegal, but can consist of lawfully prescribed or over-the-counter medication.

There are other risks to keep in mind Sexually transmitted diseases are becoming increasingly common among teens. The threshold for DUI impairment under Tennessee law is much lower for drivers who are under 21 than for drivers who are over According to Huffington Postthere are more accidents in which teen drivers are killed during prom season than there are at any other time of the year.

The season for prom and grad parties is not that far away. Checking in with your child throughout the night, knowing where he or she is, who else is around, and waiting up for your child to get home are simple precautionary steps parents can take to help ensure that a teenager makes it home safely at the end of prom night.

This is significantly lower than the 0. Under Tennessee Code Annotated allowing or enabling an underage person to obtain alcohol is a criminal offense.

Prom season may be a prime time for drunk driving accidents, so it is good to remind young drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving. Officers noted that some of the problems are just that students may not be informed and may not really understand the risk. A Liberty Mutual survey of nearly 2, juniors and seniors found that just 20 percent believe being on the roads on prom night is dangerous.

Drunk Driving Accident Risks During Prom Weekends

To address this serious issue, the firefighters and police in Clearwater, Florida, gave a mock drunk driving accident presentation to students at two area high schools. If you are a parent whose child will be participating in these events, there are many plans to be made.

Thus, for all practical purposes, this is the same as the simple dimensionless BAC measured as a percent. When teens believe everyone is doing something, they are more likely to think they will be OK if they also do the same thing.

Driving while consuming alcohol is generally illegal. Augustine and throughout the state. But girls have reason to be cautious Numerous research efforts show that sexual violence involving teens is becoming increasingly common.

Prom season can lead to drunk driving risk, arrests in Tennessee

With college and a promising career on the line, students and their parents need to know all of their legal defense options to protect their future. They also said that all of these crashes are preventable.

Plus, young people as a group often struggle with distractions, so having so many of them on the road at the same time can be problematic. According to another survey from MADD, teens whose parents view underage drinking as totally unacceptable are 80 percent less likely to drink compared to their peers whose parents are more lenient about it.

Statistics show roughly a third of alcohol-related teen traffic fatalities occur between April and June, which is considered the peak of prom season.

Not only that, a teen may also be more likely to get into a car as a passenger when the driver is impaired if the teen thinks drunk driving is just a common part of prom night. One trooper said that prom did not just lead to drunk driving, but to an increase in distracted driving overall.

These penalties are not as severe as for those 21 or older. Moreover, as many as one-third of teen drunk driving traffic deaths take place during the months of April through June.

In fact, US News and World Report indicated 90 percent of teenagers responding to a survey said they thought their peers would be driving drunk during prom. Of nearly 13, students who responded, just 5 percent of girls and 3 percent of boys said they lost their virginity after prom.

Yet, many young adults will drink and drive after prom night or around graduation time when celebrating with friends. But their influence counts with teens Once kids hit the teenage years, they seem to tune out just about everything their parents have to say, but moms and dads can get through with a little persistence.

When you drive drunk you endanger not only your own life, but the lives of your passengers and the lives of other innocent drivers. Parents should make sure teen drivers have safe transportation so they do not become involved in fatal drunk driving accidents after a prom event.

Parents are split on whether to allow drinking Parents today face some unique challenges when it comes to how they raise their kids, and tackling the alcohol issue is definitely one of them.Drunk-driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades; however, drunk-driving crashes claim more than 10, lives per year.

Inthe most recent year for which cost data is available, these deaths and damages contributed to a cost of $44B per year. Prevent Drunk Driving This Prom Season Free Consultation Prom season can be one of the most memorable nights of a teenagers life, but it may also be one of the most dangerous if alcohol is involved.

Keep your teens free from drunk driving at the prom with these tips.

Underage Drinking and Prom Night

Prom season should be a very joyous time. But that joy can quickly turn to tragedy if teens or young adults drive while impaired by drugs and cause a serious or fatal accident. Young drivers are not permitted by Massachusetts law to consume any alcohol before driving if they are under the age of Yet, many young — May 15, Teenage Drunk Driving statistics and information, Drinking and driving and the Prom.

Drinking and driving on prom night can cause deadly consequences and change lives forever. No prom season should end in tragedy. When you drive drunk you endanger not only your own life, but the lives of your passengers and the lives of other innocent drivers. Prom season may be a prime time for drunk driving accidents, so it is good to remind young drivers of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Doing so could potentially lower the number of drunk drivers on the road, and, therefore, reduce the number of drunk driving accidents that occur this time of year in St. Augustine and throughout the state.

The issue of drunk driving in the prom season
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