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When the ERP system is installed, greater agility in meeting the needs of customers, suppliers and staff should be possible. After collecting that data, I compiled that data and prepared a summary of data.

The use of technology for training purposes has also been identified as a trend and best practice within the training arena. Number specifically allocated for ISP operators. Those in charge of workers are always looking for ways to speed up training, ways to make it more economical, efficient and effective, ways to minimize the need for it.

PTCL conduct the market survey of internet cards for the launching of phone-net and for Rawalpindi, I was given this task. Dashboards are used to communicate status and to drive action.

PTCL is now the leader in consumer broadband in Pakistan, leading the country into 21st century. Corporate culture renewal dictates at least a revision of the brand personality Reasons of repositioning for PTCL This decision to change the logo was based on some Project report on ptcl Project report on ptcl of the extensive research conducted of the market.

The company needed to create a tailor-made communication focused on targeted segments to effectively communicate with the corporate sector. This movement holds promise for improving understanding of how to structure learning environments, what it means to learn training, and how learning in training transfers to the job.

It provided the opportunity for the development of telecommunication facilities to an extraordinary level and also for an increased customer satisfaction. The New Brand Identity demands new attitude towards business practices from all the employees. All the information will be integrated, making access to good quality information easier.

There are about million fixed broadband users today and by credible forecast depict the number growth to reach to about 1. They assigned this task to me. In 5th week, I worked in advertising section for a week. Top Reasons to Reposition a Brand Brand repositioning is necessary when one or more of the following conditions exist: In the last week, I got my internship certificate and do some routine tasks of office.

Over the years, technology has changed the concepts of communication and what was thought to be a fictional only a decade ago, has actually made its way through to our lives. From getting new service to payment of bill and all other services will be available at one shop.

Your organization is entering new businesses and the current positioning is no longer appropriate. A typical ERP system will use multiple components of computer software and hardware to achieve integration.

In the age of getting competition more tight, PTCL wants to refresh its image in terms of its services. Others may require extensive training and development before getting ready to make much of a contribution to the organization.

After that in 6th week, they allow me to work in business intelligence department for two weeks. It is based on our traditional national symbols. There are clients by the end of year However, a computer dashboard is more likely to be interactive than an automobile dashboard unless it is also computer-based.

Does it represents a major determiner for success and therefore involved in a major part of their daily activities for buyers and influencers? VPN is an intelligent network in service which allows an organization to private network using its current PTCL lines without requiring the installation of dedicated network resources.

The bottom line for any company is how efficient the workforce is at producing a quality product.

Training maybe defined as any procedure initiated by an organization to foster learning among organizational members Nankervis, Compton and Baird. Its operations were governed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Act Jul 19,  · ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: First of all, I would say thanks to my Almighty Allah who has given me the strength to complete the project.

This report has been written on the Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) which is the largest telecom company in khurram shehzad. Project Report On PTCL. This is a good Internship Project Report On PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) and can also be used by MBA Students for there project work.

The report is being started with the brief and complete introduction of organization, its historical. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company in Pakistan. The company provides telephony services nation-wide and is the backbone for country's telecommunication infrastructure despite arrival of a dozen other telecommunication companies, including giants like.

The year in the telecom sector witnessed a phenomenal growth in the mobile phone sector in Pakistan, which doubled its subscriber base to 60 million. Ptcl report-2 15, views. Share; Like report is prepared as a result of performing seven weeks of Internship in Multimedia &Broadband Department of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, as a compulsoryrequirement for the completion of Degree of Bachelor in Business Administration & specific department is.

PTCL Project(strategic management) Ptcl Report. Ptcl Company Report Final by Tauqeer 2.


PTCL. ptcl. ptcl final. Ptcl (Feel the Difference) Internship Report on Ptcl. PTCL Internship Report Part 3 of Yasir. Project on Hr Department of Ptcl Pakistan Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited from the humble beginnings of posts 3/5(4).

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