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Connected apps Easily copy information from Project and paste it into familiar Office applications like PowerPoint and Word. Better decision-making - Project reports Powerful built-in reports, like Burndown and Resource Overview, can help you gain insights, communicate information to stakeholders, and achieve results.

Putting things in perspective, a good app is certainly worth a lot more than a cup of coffee or a beer. Price is reasonable and their update model seems fair - considering the tool remains free when accessed through a browser.

Get the Mac version too and the experience will be uber primo. Custom programmability Your IT team can tap into robust application architecture and create custom functionality with a readily available software development kit SDK. Multi-tenancy support Run isolated instances of Project pro service independent of each other.

It gets 5 stars from me for a couple of reasons: Versions older than the lowest build number Project pro you enter will be unable to connect to your Project Server environment. Active Directory sync Add resources quickly and reliably with enhanced Active Directory synchronization, reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

The bones are here for potentially a great app. I read other reviews and I have no doubt the creators of the app will assess them. The one recommendation I have is to allow the users to directly edit cells on-screen. If ever you have any grievances or feedback to make our app better, feel free to write us at feedback i2econsulting.

Changes made after the first save will just be synchronized rather than replacing the server copy which speeds up response times. Retrieved 18 April Have only run into a projector missing from their data base twice now. Great presentation, simple to use.

Microsoft Project blog. The menu area indented outline list becomes a simpler 1-level list and the display area text list becomes a carousel of rectangular icons. The change of separate storage areas Draft, Published, Reporting, and Archived to being one with flag setting is to lessen the amount of DB admin needed and now allows web access not limited to Published, i.

The version uses SOAP to access the server. Collaborative workspaces Create a dedicated project site to share information—status updates, conversations, and project timelines—so team members stay informed.

Project Professional Versions (Project Server 2013 settings)

For detailed editing opening the task is fine, but again, rapid edits is critical before this app can truly become an everyday app. Developer Response Thank you Joe for your honest feedback. Project Server Project pro Microsoft Project are not backward-compatible with other versions of Project Server.

Optimized resources The Resource Engagement feature lets project managers formally request specific resources.

Integrated collaboration - Skype for Business Integrated communication tools like Skype for Business make it easy to collaborate using voice, video, or chat within Project, eliminating the need to switch between apps.

Have been using this app now for a few years. All Project Professional clients that have not been updated to the specified cumulative update or a newer version will be unable to connect.

Always up to date Like other Office solutions, Project client provides automatic updates. SysAdmins and Team Members no longer go through Project.

Simplified IT - Click-to-run Streaming technology lets you quickly install Project client over the Internet, on internal networks, through local file systems, or from offline media. For example, to edit the duration for a task, simply touch the duration cell and type in the new duration 1h, 2d, etc.

The advantage of the queue is that MS Project uses a local cache, enabling the user to continue to work on his project plan even when he is not connected to the server.

On the About Microsoft Project page, the build number is located at the top of the page for example, The Microsoft Project version employed ODBC to connect to the server, which is problematic over low bandwidth and high latency connections.

May 24, OutlawJoe I just purchased this app in full knowledge that it is not bit ready and may soon become obsolete. Other features include Project Portfolio Serverthe inclusion of a "Timeline" view, which graphically represents key tasks and milestones.

Like the familiar " this message was sent by my iPhone" we iPhone users have at bottom of our emails and we can delete it.

On the Additional Server Settings page, in the Project Professional Versions section, type the build number of each Project Professional version that you want to connect to Project Server I downloaded this app last night and was surprised how easy was to start my 1st project.

Project Professional 2016

I really want this to be a Microsoft Project replacement since most of my field work is using my iPad!Microsoft Project with an Office subscription is the latest version of Project. Previous versions include ProjectProjectand Project Project is compatible with Windows 10, Windowsand Windows 7. pro tips Reduce your defect rectification management time by 90% when you use Novade Quality.

Increase Productivity – Project teams save. We turn your imagined competitive edge into reality quickly and reliably Rapid Applications We build custom software that turns your imagined competitive edge into reality.

What makes us different is the speed and quality of our delivery. We empower project-based organizations to deliver every customer engagement on time and within budget.

We help them increase employee productivity and improve profitability by becoming an integral part of their customers’ journey. Dynamics for Project Service Automation capabilities provide project-based organizations a single system.

Get an always-up-to-date desktop version of Project Professional that you can access virtually anywhere with a subscription to Project Online Professional.

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