Political involvement

Clorox makes no direct lobbying expenditures at the U.

Our Political Involvement

Out Internet group just did a study on how likely people are to friend or un-friend other people if they have a very different political point of view. Employees who wish to participate in political activities on behalf of Clorox must obtain prior approval from GCA.

One of the great rallying cries of the s was: There is one more important thing worth mentioning. Now, to some extent that has always been true about young adults. Reporting to the general counsel and working with the Political involvement units, GCA focuses on public policy issues that affect our business goals and objectives.

If you knew you had no limitations on your methodology and could seek the answer to any question about young people and political engagement, what would it be?

Political Involvement Our Political Involvement Our commitment to corporate responsibility guides everything we do, including our work to help develop public policy and legislation that supports our business priorities.

So a lot of them are shrugging their shoulders and not getting involved to begin with because of that. The good news is that attitudes toward family may be ahead of policy changes.

The contrast with the Boomers is sort of interesting When the Boomers were coming of age and making a lot of noise politically, they were in the vanguard of the counter-culture, the anti-war movement, the feminist movement, and the civil rights movement, and the premise of a lot of their activism was generational discontent.

All of these pieces of data are part of a mosaic that is still being built.

political involvement

The multi-generational family may again have to play the central role that it has played as a social safety net throughout much of human history. But if you look at the larger scheme of things, going back to when year-olds first had the right to vote, the turnout gap between the generations has actually narrowed a little bit.

For example, younger adults are less likely than older adult to say that they fought with their parents growing up.

Weyerhaeuser Employee Political Involvement

In the United States, where corporate donations are prohibited by law for federal elections and in many cases also state and local elections, some employees use the Bayer Corporation Political Action Committee BayPac to support legislative candidates through private donations.

Are they headed for an unpleasant rendezvous with reality down the road? We have no idea how that story ends — we only know how it has begun. But that was framed in terms of class, not age or generation.

You mentioned a number of significant non-political trends among young people. How will that change their political behavior?

Our Political Principles and Positions

We do not make or coordinate any contributions to other tax-exempt organizations, such c 4 s, that the recipient may use for political purposes. Clorox makes limited direct political contributions to U. If anything, the optimism gap between young people and old people has gotten even wider.

Employees engaging in personal political activity must do so as private citizens, not during paid work hours, and without using company resources for political purposes. They tell us they actually like Mom and Dad.

Now the question for those who are concerned about the civic life of the country is whether that was a one-time occurrence or not. Clorox does not make political contributions outside the United States.

Corporate Political Activity in the U. At some point over the next five or 10 or 20 years, we may have to re-negotiate the social compact between young and old.They address different types of political involvement and participation, including conventional and unconventional participation, self-organized or organization-centered, and spontaneous participation, such as revolts.

Young People and Political Engagement

Our Political Involvement Our commitment to corporate responsibility guides everything we do, including our work to help develop public policy and legislation. Political Involvement gives an overview of the political positions as a socially and ethically responsible corporate citizen.

Welcome to Weyerhaeuser employee political involvement portal. Here you can find helpful information and resources on issues that are important to the company. Through this lesson, you will learn what defines political participation, explore some examples, and gain insight into why political participation.

Political involvement How to advocate for your profession and your students The people we elect to represent us through our democratic form of government, especially at the state level, control public school funding, educator certification standards, educator salaries, curriculum, graduation requirements, school ratings, retirement benefits.

Political involvement
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