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De Soto failed to establish any permanent colonies, found no gold, and did not find the passage between the two great oceans.

On May 21,Hernando de Soto himself died of a fever. Despite the victory, de Soto and his men lost most of their possessions and many had become sick. Once across the river, the expedition continued into Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Consequently, de Soto directed his expedition back north into Tennessee where they spent the winter. He was born to parents who lived Mr soto Extremadura, an area of great hardship and poverty.

He chose men for the voyage from Cuba to the interior of North America. Things began falling apart for de Soto when Juan Ortiz, his faithful interpreter, died. Furthermore, while in Arkansas, de Soto and his men clashed with the Tula people, which took a great toll on the already weakened men.

In Mr soto, de Soto became regidor of Guatemala and sailed from there to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, hoping to find a passage from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean that would enable Spanish trade with the East Indies.

The expedition ultimately failed, and de Soto joined Francisco Pizarro and his conquest of South America. Questionable Legacy At the time, the de Soto expedition was seen as a great failure. The death of Ortiz made communication with native peoples and the procurement of food much harder.

Because de Soto had a major part in the conquest of the Incan Empire, he became fabulously wealthy upon his return to Spain. Byde Soto had reached Georgia and South Carolina in pursuit of gold mines rumored to exist in the region.

Furthermore, his expedition left death and disease wherever it traveled that resulted in the destruction of countless native villages. Unsuccessful in his attempts to find gold, de Soto continued north into the Appalachians of North Carolina.

The expedition then traveled north through the peninsula of Florida where they endured native ambushes along the way. Once again, there was no gold to be found, but de Soto spent a month in the mountains resting his horses before traveling to Tennessee and then south again toward the Gulf of Mexico to meet supply ships.

The Mississippi River was a huge, broad river that stood in the way of his expedition. While traveling south, de Soto and his men were ambushed by the Choctaw people near their fortified city of Mabila.

It took over a month to build the appropriate floats to navigate across the river.

On May 8,Hernando de Soto discovered the Mississippi River, although de Soto was not exactly thrilled with the finding. From an early age, de Soto gained a reputation for bravery, intellect, and brutality.

Like many young men at the time, de Soto longed to escape Extremadura and achieve military fame exploring new lands.

De Soto was made governor of Cuba and was expected to colonize the mainland of North America. They spent the next winter on the Arkansas River.I can be reached by email at [email protected] at any time. Click the MORE, above, and select the contact tab to ask a question or send Mr. Soto an email.

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Hernando de Soto was born in Jerez de los Caballeros, Spain, sometime around the year He was born to parents who lived in Extremadura, an area of great hardship and poverty.

Like many young men at the time, de Soto longed to escape Extremadura and achieve military fame exploring new lands. Assignments ~ Personal Finance Outline; Class Schedule/Contact Info; Business Education - Mr. Stearns Calendar; 7th Grade Boys' Basketball.

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