How to write a comparative essay world history ap

You are being asked for similarities and differences between two regions in the areas of technology and trade. If you are a poor speller, do not disguise the problem by writing difficult words with a few letters at the beginning and then scribble.

At best, their hands are tired. Even so, try to make your essay as neat as possible: In what ways did the belief systems stay the same? What caused these systems to emerge? In what ways was each region impacted differently? In those cases, you will need to create your own categories of comparison.

Advanced Placement World History/Writing Tips/Comparative Essay

Not all COMP questions are this complex. What impact was seen on Sub-Saharan African society during the same period as technology was introduced? Good categories for analysis might include political, economic, social, technological, cultural, intellectual and artistic aspects. Yet other questions might not provide categories of comparison as this one does with trade and technology.

How have these roles been different? From a geographic point of view, in what ways do the relative positions of the Islamic and Christian worlds change over time from to ?

How were these effects the same in Russia and Iran? How were they different? In what ways was the impact similar in both regions? Edit By the last essay of this exam, most students are exhausted.

In what ways do attempts at modernization in Japan compare to the modernization attempts in the Ottoman Empire in the period — ? As a result, the third essay is often the weakest of the group.

At worst, they have not managed their time well and have only a few minutes to complete a task that counts for one-sixth of their grade.

In what ways do these attempts differ? Several regions are listed. It requires a task familiar to historians and non-historians alike: How have the roles of women in Western Europe and sub-Saharan Africa been similar during the period from — ?

How did political revolutions impact the roles of women from c. One way that instructors like for you to demonstrate that mastery is through the writing of comparative essays. Write for us Want to join our editorial team?

Ten Questions To Explore In An AP World History Comparative Essay

How and why did these changes take place? It does not need to be this way. The slave labor of the plantation system in the New World can be compared with the serfdom in Russia. As a student, you should be used to making comparisons—whether it is comparing teachers, to comparing Coke and Pepsi.

If you are an exceptional academic writer or editor, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to welcome you in our academic crew. Pick those regions you know the most facts about that relate to the question.

What was the impact on women during revolutions in Iran in the same period? What caused them to dissolve? Some might just ask you to compare one aspect. Plague pandemics had a profound effect on Western Europe and Eastern Asia from c.

In what ways did belief systems in the Middle East remain the same from B. The COMP focuses on similarities and differences between regions.

Even a few words jotted down in the green booklet can make your essay more focused. As always, underlining and note taking are important.Advanced Placement World History/Writing Tips/Comparative Essay World History | Writing Tips.


Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. HOW TO but fortunately, AP readers are accustomed to reading all sorts of handwriting. Consequently, don’t take time to rewrite an essay to make it look more presentable—an essay.

COMPARE AND CONTRAST AP ESSAY Remember: l. Introduction should be no longer than sentences. HOW TO WRITE THE ESSAY Prompt: Hinduism, Confucianism and Buddhism are three of the world's great belief systems.

Compare and contrast their impact on the societies they embraced. Paragraph 1. While Hinduism is a much older belief system than either. period of time; and the comparative essay asks you to compare and contrast two episodes, cultures, religions, or other historical phenomenon from a given period.

Writing a thesis for an AP World History essay is a little different from other. Ms. Kamburov AP World History How do I write a Comparative Essay for AP World History? Example: "Compare and contrast methods of political control of the Han dynasty and the Roman Empire.".

1) 0– 1) -th AP ® World History SCORING GUIDELINES Long Essay Question 2 In the period toscientific and technological innovations led to advances in communication.

Ten Questions To Explore In An AP World History Comparative Essay. Let’s face it: any AP course is challenging. You’re expected to master a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time.

How to write a comparative essay world history ap
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