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In the wake of above views, tribals sense that outsiders are threat to their culture and can mutate their way of life. The incident came a few weeks after the Naxals ambushed a team of Central Reserve Police Force CRPF in Sukma, Chhattisgarh, killing 25 of its policemen providing security for road construction in the area.

The ballot brings development. As said earlier, there are many rights which these socio-economically backward people are deprived of. This has further disrupted the agriculture production and ultimately the economy.

Response of the State!! They survive by earning small means of livelihood which is from their land. Second, the alienation that is being exploited by the Maoists has a social, communal and regional dimension. The Naxals are considered far-left radical communists, supportive of Maoist political sentiment and ideology.

To facilitate and continue this development, businesses need more land and natural resources such as minerals. The adivasis do not feel like they have any political power to voice their grievances legitimately, and therefore the alternative of subversive, illegal groups seem attractive.

Essay on Naxalism in Hindi

I, and Nepal Maoists. With the new strategies and full force, we wil be successful against them. Inspired by the doctrines of Mao Zedong, Naxalites work to overthrow the government and upper classes by violence.

This area is also the tribal belt where the tension between economic development and aboriginal land rights is most apparent. The conflict has displacedmembers of tribal groups from their ancestral lands with hundreds of people being killed annually in clashes between the CPl-Maoists and the government every year since They are also, suspected to have links with LTTE for the supply of arms but intellegence dont confirm them.

On several occasions, the rebels have achieved considerable success in launching synchronised attacks on multiple targets involving large numbers of cadres.

This incidence was sparked by the surrender of 46 persons belonging to the Janshakti group of naxalities. A was followed by the exposure of P. G and Its Role:Free Essays on Naxal In Hindi.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Free Essays on The Naxalite Problem Of India. Get help with your writing. 1 through [Essay] Naxalism: An Ideology or the Biggest Threat? The term 'Naxal' derives from the name of the village Naxalbari in West Bengal, where the movement had its origin.

Naxalite Ajay Yadav daughter essay on naxalism टॉप खबर कर्नाटक के विधानसभा चुनाव में हार के बाद अब निकाय चुनाव में BJP के साथ क्या हुआ?

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मारे गए नक्सली की बेटी का लिखा पढ़ ले, तो कोई कभी नक्सली नहीं बनेगा

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Hindi essay on naxalite
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