Essay on responsibility of man in maintaining a dignified society

He completes it with sincerity. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 19 5 Mengzi, in his desire to let others understand ren, said: During this period, Greece saw great achievements in government, art, architecture, and other socio-cultural realms. The expectation of strength in the male individual is one example of this.

Gallagher argued that those incompetent of making any decisions deserve to be treated with the same respect and dignity as every one else. Immediately on her arrival to ED, two nurses and two patient care technicians PCT started undressing her. Confucian Ethics of the Axial Age: The motive of their killing as stipulated by the traditional factors is in upholding the honor of their family.

Their thoughts being sincere, their hearts were then rectified.

Patient Dignity and Effects

The media have been on the forefront in the fight for women rights. Dignity and respect for ignity — two key health professional values: In both societies, women remained in the home and took care of household affairs. The media even accused the government of protecting the perpetrators. Confucius had given his standards of a superior man.

The Analects of Confucius. The Chinese practiced the concept of ancestor worship, further emphasizing the idea of a family or clan being more important than an individual.

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Honor Killing essay

When dignity is lost patients feel distressed, embarrassed, shameful, humiliated, foolish, angry, anxious, and degraded Mairis, Often, patients present confused or unresponsive, not comprehending the world around them.

This law is not entirely in action in Pakistan; therefore, the media have the responsibility of pushing this agenda of saving the women from these inhuman acts. The myriad of available definitions and explanations does not benefit nursing and patient care in understanding dignity, and it is still a concept that evokes many thoughts.

The idea of men holding the reins of power is another concept shared. At the same time one of the nurses kept tightening a tourniquet on the other arm of Mrs.

The negative attitudes towards this population result in neglect of their needs. Female citizens of a Greek city-state were to remain in the home, but could participate in cults and religious festivals. Gallagher stated that dignity is equal for all human beings, but Haddock informed that: During the day the nurse had to draw Mr.

Palestine just like any other Arab country is governed by traditions, which has numerous unwritten rules and norm that automatically look down upon the women.

The government presented a report indicating that only three women while, in the real sense, they were five, it went further in covering what had already been done by stating that the women in question had by killed over some property dispute while, in essence, the death had resulted from honor killing.

Journal of Advanced Nursing, 24 5 The way in which the ancients came greatly to surpass other men, was no other but this: Then, she informed the couple about the tests and procedures that could identify the cause of his symptoms, and about measures to relieve them. Research for Practice Dignity has been a concept in nursing practice that is often overlooked by nurses.

Their hearts being rectified, their persons were cultivated. Nursing The fast-paced focus and limited time in emergency department make it difficult to attend to the holistic needs of the patient. But after a close examination, we will come to understand that when we choose only those that have desirable qualities—those who are virtuous—in, but not confined to, government offices, and reject those who are not, those who do not possess desirable qualities, in vying for position, will strive to develop desirable ones, which would ultimately eliminate undesirable qualities altogether.

When the state is at peace and all its members are living harmoniously, it should only be natural that progress and prosperity should follow.

The Importance of Ren in Maintaining Social Order Essay Sample

It is maintained depending on how the nurse acts toward the patient. In addition to men being strong, however, there was the expectation of morality, even in war. The couple verbalized understanding, and asked questions, which were clearly answered by the nurse.

Greeks funded festivals and military service was compulsory. Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things. Wishing to cultivate their persons, they first rectified their hearts.In many societies, such as ours, where humans seek for freewill, justice, fairness and equality between individuals we have often brought up the issue of maintaining our personal rights.3/5(5).

Man in Society: The Individual in the Classical Greek Period, the Chinese Period of the Warring States, and the Qin Dynasty In anthropology, a theory exists regarding parallel evolution of species. Furthermore, to provide dignified care nurses must develop own integrity and dignity, responsibility, accountability, and obligations to the patients.

Dignity essay

Lack of time, the pressure of work, and nurse’s lack of interpersonal skills result in loss of dignified care. The Importance of Ren in Maintaining Social Order Essay Sample. When Confucius taught his disciples, he apparently did not intend to start an intellectual “school” or movement, and although it is still a subject of debate whether to classify Confucianism as a religion or not, his followers regard him as a god.

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A Perspective of Noam Chomsky. Critic to USA Government. INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSABILITY The Role of Individual within the Social Responsibility.

A Perspective of Noam Chomsky. if the social expectation of every man is assumed for them, the society will be preserved, without.

Essay on responsibility of man in maintaining a dignified society
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