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Get professional essay writing help at an affordable cost 2. Loss of innocence does not concern them. Retrieved April 1,from http: Such an emotion would have destroyed him Pecola becomes pregnant but the baby dies and her father decides to rape her for the second time.

Her blackness forces the boys to face their own blackness, and thus they make Pecola the scapegoat for their own ignorance, for their own self-hatred, and for their own feelings of hopelessness. After being "abandoned in a junk heap by his mother, rejected for a crap game by his father, there was nothing more to lose" with Cholly Breedlove.

Cholly abandoned Darlene when he found out she might be pregnant; most likely because he was abandoned by his father as a child.

The Bluest Eye Analysis - Essay

Likewise, the marigolds that will not grow become, for Claudia and Frieda, the idea of barrenness and loss. American society tells Pecola happy, white, middle-class families are better than hopeless, black, working-class families.

Breedlove was working for the Fishers. Their relationship was full of verbal, physical, and emotionally violent abuse; yet, they could not leave one another.

Pecola learns from her mother that she is ugly, and she thereby learns to hate herself; because of her blackness, she is continually bombarded by rejection and humiliation from others around her who value "appearance. Pecola believes that if she had beautiful eyes, people would not be able to torment her mind or body.

Through time, it has become apparent that there is really a big difference with how White and Black individuals are treated. Moreover, the source for the discrimination felt by the Blacks should be understood in order to understand the novel.

It is Claudia who sees that Pecola has been stripped of her beauty, but the reader sees clearly the ugliness of Geraldine and Junior, the insensitivity of Maureen Peal, and the unquestioned entitlement of the Fishers. As well as Okonkwo who feels attached to the old rules and does not believe that the old and the new traditions may co-exist in one culture, Pecola does not recognize that there are different definitions of beauty which can both no matter whether they black or white exist in one society.

When he returned from exile and took notice of the growing British influence in Umuofia he felt betrayed, as he did when his own son Nwoye, began to follow Christianity. He immediately transfers his angry energy to Darlene because he realizes that hating two white men would not be the smartest thing to do in a segregated racist world.

Moreover, it should be understood that the work of Morrison requires an understanding of the history of the Black community as they tried to establish a place for their selves in the society where they live in.

Fortunately, he was rescued by his Great Aunt Jimmy, who raised him thereafter.

Toni Morrison - the Bluest Eye

His clan members had forgotten their traditional ways of life and he condemned them for this. Standing midway between the white and black worlds is the exotic Maureen Peal, whose braids are described as "two lynch ropes.

During her pregnancy, she goes to motion pictures, where she succumbs to her earlier romantic ideas and learns the American ideal of beauty as she watches Clark Gable and Jean Harlow.

Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Moreover, it has shown that the artistic manner of communication by the Blacks has been adopted by Morrison. He knew then what he must do--find his father. Left you alone, feeling deserted, isolated, and by yourself?

The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison - Essay

Claudia speculates that the earth itself may be the problem. The fact that he had not been able to gradually accustom himself to the new ways helped to explain his extreme reaction to Christianity: How to Write a Summary of an Article?

She was rich, at least by our standards, as rich as the richest of white girls, swaddled in comfort and care. When she became pregnant, Claudia and Frieda McTeer, children of the couples whom Pecola lived with, used their money in order to buy marigold seeds. These were the representations of racism and beauty when the book was published in Whether the destruction takes the form of war and bloodshed or the quiet process of forgetting the old - one breaks down and is pushed aside to make way for the new.

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

He was exiled and isolated from the happenings; he remained static as the world about him changed. Breedlove and Pecola, are culturally impoverished by false values.

Because he has been so depreciated by white society, he is reduced to breeding with his own daughter, a union so debased that it produces a stillborn child, one who cannot survive for even an hour in this world where self-hatred breeds still more self-hatred.

As his surname implies, Cholly can only breed, not love, and his brutal act against his daughter produces a child who cannot live.

Unlike Claudia, who possesses the love of her family, Pecola has learned from her appearance-conscious parents to devalue herself.

Better treatment and the regard for superiority of people fitting this description has been ingrained into the lives of the Black characters as it is adopted from the White culture.

In the end Okonkwo knew no means of existence other than his defunct definition of heroism, which ultimately assured his destruction in the new culture.Tony Morrison became the prominent American writer of the second half of the 20 th century mainly because of her novel “The Bluest Eye” published in The family relations, beauty and ugliness, cruelty and love are in the focus of the novel.

The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison (Born Chloe Anthony Wofford) American novelist, nonfiction writer, essayist, playwright, and children's writer. The following entry presents criticism on Morrison's novel The Bluest Eye () through The literary piece “The Bluest Eye,” written by Toni Morrison and published in circahas centered on the story of an eleven-year-old.

In Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye, Morrison examines what the degradation of people, by society, can result in. She sets her story in Lorain, Ohio in the ’s, which is a society with white ideals and standards of beauty. In The Bluest Eye, Morrison works with many themes, among them impoverishment, destructive mythologies, gender relations, and loss of innocence.

The Bluest Eye

Impoverishment is clearly tied not only to cultural. In Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, both racism and beauty are portrayed in a number of ways. This book illustrates many of the racial concerns which were.

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