Equestria girls twilight meets twilight

The human version of Twilight struggled with a door a bit but eventually opened and stepped into her work room, which was still as cluttered and full of scientific equipment as ever, as Sunset saw for herself.

As demonstrated in Equestria girls twilight meets twilight Summertime Shorts Mad Twience and Subs Rockshe can sometimes get carried away in her science experiments and pursuit of knowledge.

What a ridiculous question of course I have friends. With the help of her friends, Twilight overcomes her fears and proves to be the key in defeating Gloriosa.

Twilight Sparkle

Sonic must now fight with a new body, finally fall in love, and face the hardest challenge ever, High School. Personality Twilight Sparkle nervous. I have to see you later Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle (Sci-Twi)

In one photo montage, Twilight and Applejack drag a crying Fluttershy into a haunted house. Throughout the film, Twilight struggles to confront the dark magic inside her, and she believes she is responsible for several magic disturbances around camp.

Sunset also takes it upon herself to write her friendship reports into her old journal for Twilight to read back in Equestria.

She is also a primary focus in Monday Blueswhere she and Sunset Shimmer try to get to school through the pouring rain. In an upcoming Equestria Girls special, Twilight travels to Equestria and transforms into a unicorn.

Alright then what is my adventure today? Native Twilight just stared at her blankly. When Sunset saw them, she says: This version of Twilight looks extremely different as she has her hair in a bun and wears thick black glasses.

She also takes part in the Dance Magic music video near the end of the special. They all looked at them, closely. Despite her problems in socializing, Twilight is eager to connect with people on a personal level, demonstrated in her interactions with Fluttershywhen the two share their love for their pets, Applejackwhom she hugged for helping her in the Tri Event Relay, and Pinkie Pieat the Crystal Prep welcoming party.

Twilight's Adventures Series

So what brings you here Twilight? And when she did, she had wings and a horn too. I-I just remembered something. And so, to get to know each other better, they all decided to have a picnic by the school statue. Everyone else nodded as well. Twilight and Spike enter Canterlot High and meet the human counterparts of their Ponyville friends.

Equestria Girls Twilight Sparkle

Mirror Magic In the half-hour special Mirror Magic, Twilight becomes trapped with her friends in limbo when Juniper Montage acquires a hand mirror enchanted with Equestrian magic. She holds a great interest in knowledge and science, being able to assemble intricate scientific devices and solve complex mathematical equations, and her intellect rivals that of Sunset Shimmer.Follow/Fav My Little Pony Equestria Girls 3: Twilight Vs Twilight By: DamianKastle A year after the Battle of the Bands, high school graduation is nearing and the girls are ready to face the world, though Sunset Shimmer worries that they might drift apart.

Equestria Girls: Human Ponidox Fanfic Group 12 stories ·46 members In Honour of Cutest Boxer Puppy Ever 15 stories · 13 members My friends' awesome stories! 15 stories · 8 members. Product Features Equestria Girls doll looks like the Twilight Sparkle character and really sings. Follow/Fav My Little Sonic: Equestria Girls meets Mobian Boy.

By: TheAwesomeCoolJay. The person who knocked on the door was Twilight Sparkle and behind her was a dog. Sonic: Oh hey Twilight and little dog I don't know yet.

Twilight: Hey there Sonic, this is my dog Spike, say hello Spike. Twilight Sparkle's human counterpart appears and is mentioned throughout the My Little Pony Equestria Girls film series. She is a student at Canterlot High School, a former student of Crystal Prep Academy, and the owner of Spike's counterpart, Spike the Dog.

This version of Twilight looks Full Name: Twilight Sparkle. There, Twilight was acquainted with five girls that she would hardly call adorable foals.

Twilight Sparkle (EG)

"Since you're Celestia's personal student, everypony else will envy you and will grow to recent you." " AWWW!

Equestria girls twilight meets twilight
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