Creating a better world with equal educational opportunities for all

Education Education is the most important tool for promoting equal opportunities. To some extent, universal health care provision can overcome this problem.

To provide equal opportunities for those born there may require government intervention to try and reduce the regional inequality. Areas of mass unemployment and limited prospects can make it difficult for children to gain improved academic and business prospects.

However, it may need additional policies to promote good health; these policies could include: For example, if a child is brought up in a broken family in an area of high unemployment and limited prospects, it is more unlikely that they will have the same chances as those brought up in much more affluent areas by parents who spend more time promoting the interests of their children.

Health care Another issue of equal opportunities is health care, lifestyle and good health. In theory, if everyone in society is entitled to go to school and university, then that ensures a certain degree of equal opportunities. Economic Background Another issue is whether children from poor backgrounds are more likely to stay poor.

Equal opportunities mean that wherever you are born in society, you would still have a good chance to reach any job, profession or position in society. Parenting is a difficult factor to legislate for.

Moss side, Machester Often we get areas of high local regional unemployment, focused on one particular area of a city. This was an attempt to place responsibility on parents to make sure their child valued school. Schools in deprived areas may need more than extra money.

However, even this cannot change a culture and mindset of parents who take less interest in the academic welfare of their children.

People have better prospects than previously. Education qualifications are one of the major determinants for university acceptance and job offers. This policy is difficult because it risks penalising students who work hard to get the top academic grades. However, in certain areas like south Wales and North east England, the economic prospects have improved since the mid s and process of de-industrialisation.

If people have equal opportunity to gain education and skills, this goes a long way to promoting equal opportunities in the labour market. One recent initiative was to make parents legally responsible for ensuring their child attended school.

If people have poor diet and poor health care treatment, they may struggle to retain employment and have a lower quality of life. Employers may even tacitly discriminate against people from certain postcodes e.

To overcome this problem of unequal education, the government could spend more money on failing schools, e.

How to create equal opportunities

The universities may argue this is necessary to place students back on a level playing field. Again the difficulty is that money is not a panacea and there is no guarantee regional grants will solve regional inequality.Equal Educational Opportunities Act of (EEOA) The Equal Educational Opportunities Act of prohibits discrimination against faculty, staff, and students, including racial segregation of students, and requires school districts to take action to overcome barriers to students’ equal participation.

In considering whether there is a need for the district to provide a special language service outside of the regular program and whether the alternative program is likely to be effective, OCR examines some important issues listed below.

You don't get equal opportunities from the instant you are born, but we can imagine an abstract world of equal entities in which they all have an equal chance of being born smart or stupid, in a rich place or a poor place, strong or weak, lucky or unfortunate.

Feb 16,  · After World War II, Europe made a major effort to democratize its education systems. We did, too, with the G.I.

What Is Equal Opportunity in Education?

Bill, which extended higher education to Americans across the economic spectrum. But then we changed, in several ways. Global Equality of Educational Opportunity: Creating the Conditions for all Students to Succeed While many countries and societies around the world share these objectives, Measuring equal educational opportunities from a global perspective is not.

Jan 22,  · Delivering on the promise of equal educational opportunities for all. January 22, can develop apps that will help make the learning and working experiences of special needs students and employees even better.” Creating an educational environment that fosters digital transformation.

Creating a better world with equal educational opportunities for all
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