Case study method in comparative politics

Yale University Press,pp. MDSD uses differences between countries instead of similarities between countries as variables because social scientists have found that differences between countries do not explain their possible similarities if they have any.

Free Press of Glencoe, A more basic idea of MDSD is it takes subjects with different variables within them and tries to figure out why the outcomes between them are similar in the end. Because of the complications of so many variables but not enough cases, a second method was devolved to be used in conjunction with MSSD.

Of course, it can be argued with equal justice that the comparative and statistical methods should be regarded as two aspects of a single method. See also Przeworski and Teune, op. As an example he cites Dahl, Robert A. In statistical design, this control can be approximated by means of the panel method.

Wiley-Interscience, ; and Holt, Robert T.

Comparative politics

Free Press,p. See also Scheuch, Erwin K. Harcourt, Brace, and World,pp. Talcott Parsons makes a similar statement with regard to the comparative method: Insights and Evidence New York: Free Press, ], p.

This is how A. An example of such a case study is my analysis of the determinants of Dutch colonialism in West Irian.

Most Similar Systems Design, or MSSD, is very helpful since it compares similar objects, it keeps many otherwise confusing and irrelevant variables in the research constant. Rustow, and Kurt Sontheimer for their comments and suggestions on earlier drafts of the paper, which were very helpful in the preparation of the revision.

I am very grateful to David E. The postwar division of Germany also offers the opportunity of analyzing the effects of democratic versus totalitarian development against a similar cultural and historical background.

University of Chicago Press,p. The stricter application implies that a researcher would choose various countries that have a number of similar variables, also called control variables, and would only differ from each other by one single independent variable.

The Anglo-American Democracies Chicago: Free Press,pp. See also Thrupp, Sylvia L. See also Braibanti, op. See Dahl, Robert A. See also Martz, John D. He expresses this idea in three short sentences: Free Press of Glencoe,p. There are two methods of applying MSSD, the first being a stricter application and the second being a more loose application.

University of Minnesota Press,pp. Addison-Wesley,Vol. The functions of deviant case analysis will be discussed below. See also Lewy, op. See Lijphart,The Trauma of Decolonization: Another advantage of the experimental method is that the time variable is controlled, which is especially important if one seeks to establish causal relationships.

Penguin Books,p. Thus he distinguishes six different kinds of "constitutions": Cohen and West,pp. In most cases, both objective especially economic and subjective factors can be discerned, but the case of West Irian is unique because of the complete absence of objective Dutch interests in the colony.

Recent Developments in Scope and Method Stanford: A Reader New York:It is argued that the case study method is closely related to the comparative method. Six types of case studies (the atheoretical, interpretative, hypothesis-generating, theory-confirming, theory-infirming, and deviant case analyses) are distinguished, and their theoretical value is analyzed.

The main weakness of the case study method in comparative political analysis is that ___. it allows researchers to be confident about their results for the country they studied, but not to generalize beyond it with any assurance.

PDF | This article reviews the key role that case study methods have played in the study of international relations (IR) in the United States. Case studies in the IR subfield are not the unconnected, atheoretical, and idiographic studies that their critics decry.

Apr 20,  · experimental, statistical and case study methods. Sartori () stated categorically that comparative politics is a “field characterized by a method”.

The Case Study: What it is and What it Does

Paradoxical status of case studies in social sciences is particularly evident in comparative politics, where theoretical relevance of a case study method is repeatedly undermined despite the. -Increasingly used in comparative politics, because traditional comparative method often do not produce generalizable theories/hypotheses.

mixed method study -Combining both quantitative (statistical analyses) and qualitative (comparative case studies) methods.

Case study method in comparative politics
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