Can an essay be four paragraphs long

Develop a clear, strong and concise thesis statement, which provides readers with a condensed version of the analysis or argument that you will discuss in the essay, advises the Indiana University website. The nasty truth is that, with only a few extremely rare exceptions, papers going under the suggested length appear lazy, careless, and under-wrought.

The University of North Carolina helps students with paragraph construction by providing them with a 5-step process: This is the shortest one so far, and it only uses 37 words.

To a marker, one of the only things more disappointing than an essay that goes well under the suggested length is an essay that reaches the minimum length by wasting words.

How many words is that? More on topic sentences When should a new paragraph be created? Thesis statements are typically one or two sentences, located at the end of the introduction paragraph. A well-argued essay that requires only the minimum length equals in quality any well-argued essay that requires more explanation.

Meanwhile, journalism students are taught to keep sentences as short as possible, and one sentence paragraphs are considered perfectly acceptable. But only have one main point in each of your two body paragraphs. Find a new way to talk about the thesis statement.

Language mistakes can diminish the credibility of all your hard work. As an essay gets longer, the body should become longer than the corresponding introduction. Either way, it is important that the length of a paragraph in an essay matches the length of the essay.

Brendan December 30, at 7: Begin the introduction with a "hook" that will make readers interested in your essay. Check out our main page for more articles here Can U Write. You will begin the paragraph with an idea and then explain it in the light of currently accepted knowledge Phillips, with references.

If you include too many ideas in your opening sentence, you run the risk of getting tangled in an overly complex and incoherent paragraph. The University of Maryland University College recommends using a surprising statement or statistic, quote, personal story or rhetorical question.

Body point C, 1 paragraph 5. Provide supporting sentences that offer evidence for your claim. Photo courtesy of Enokson. Is filler obvious to my professor?

Some paragraphs may be short while others are longer.Four paragraph persuasive essays are good because A) they keep you focused.

Should you write 4 or 5 paragraphs in an IELTS essay?

If each paragraph has a specific goal (e.g. providing a thesis or an example), then you can keep your sights on that individual piece of the puzzle, rather than constantly trying to see the whole picture.

Multi-Paragraph Body: This moves your reader toward the goal of the essay. Each paragraph relates to a point you would like to show your reader along the way, but remember that some points may take longer than one paragraph to develop fully.

Aug 27,  · You can very well write 8 paragraphs, but if it's just random things you're putting down in hopes of making it longer, you may receive the opposite outcome of a lower score.

The five paragraphs is just a rule of thumb.

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It's what the "ideal" essay should be, but if you find yourself better with four, stick with Resolved. Nov 25,  · In an essay that can be words (about pages), for example, you should not feel obligated to hit words.

A well-argued essay that requires only the minimum length equals in quality any well-argued essay that requires more explanation/5(74).

During an essay test, usually one or two paragraphs will answer short essay questions. For big essay tests, where there is only 1 question for a whole hour-long test, you will be expected to compose an entire essay.

In that case, write 5 paragraphs including all the parts of a composition of between written pages. How Many Words in a Paragraph? January 7, As a writer, you may find yourself pondering the question, “How many words are in a paragraph?” The above paragraph is only six words long, and you can count the words in this one if you like.

Dialogues. I just finished writing an essay. The shortest paragraph had 98 words and the.

Can an essay be four paragraphs long
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