Benetton communication strategy

Their reality concept meant also to enhance the brand image of manufacturing genuinely good products. According to Mollanger when Benetton talks about colours, it is not talking about garments only.

Benetton Group: evolution of Communication Strategy Paper

Such a strategy would still make them innovative. Indeed in Italy this image has been banned by the italian advertising authority while european countries were at the beginning the more good willing faced to the benetton campaigns.

We want to increase the level of [brand] desirability. And social commitment relates to causes that affect humanity, including the latest effort to empower women.

Humans that hold different beliefs. In communicating these social issues, United Colors of Benetton is giving voice to the values that have consistently built and defined its brand and helped to create an enduring dialogue with the people of the world.

In addition, these adverts might distort the customers from the main objectives of purchasing the brand. Instead, Benetton wants to increase brand affinity and consideration. Conscients on the terribly of this campaign, retailers cancelled a million contract about selling clothes of United Colors of Benetton.

How would you describe your brand communications? Playing up to the new approach of tackling social issues where an actual change is sought means that measuring the success of campaigns will factor highly for the brand.

We are no longer happy to just talk about social things but [want to] stimulate change, promoted through advertising. The way we like to improve that is by making sure we start again and resonate for more than the products we sell. We do our best to make it possible for people to have the opportunity to buy but also to think.

The UNHATE projects support concrete actions in local communities to promote dialogue and the acceptance of diversity. In the eighties and nineties it was predominantly known for shocking and provocative campaigns shot by photographer Oliviero Toscani, which included three human hearts and US president Barack Obama kissing Hugo Chavez, the former president of Venezuala.

By Mindi Chahal 2 Dec 3: The budget of this marketing campaign has reached 27 millions us dollars. For Mollanger, this has become central as more companies begin to place a marketing focus on ethical practices and social commitments.

Sales are being compensated by the increase in developping countries sales such as Russia and South America which are developping countries and promising market in many sectors but to face the economical recession Benetton should have a much higher growth rate in sales to maintain its net profit.

At subconscious level they might associate Benetton more with their human right campaign than with the products they actually offer. However, in recent years the focus on purpose over product has led to consumers neglecting to buy its clothes.

Unemployment in Europe and the World The economic crisis has aggravated the crisis in the world of work, leading to dramatic situations in many parts of the planet but especially in Europe.

Furthermore, their advertising was not like traditional adverting whereby the company, quoting Toscani, shows you a fictitious reality in which you will be irresistible if you make use of our products.

In more recent years, however, the brand has placed a bigger emphasis on its products. His aim is to bring product and social causes together. They include famous print and poster ads by photographer Oliviero Toscani — one featuring three human hearts and another depicting a newborn baby still attached to the umbilical cord, for example.

How Benetton is changing its colours

From the example above animal right movements might only employ effectively shocking advertising. The company was recently split into three separate entities focusing on manufacturing, real estate, and brands and products.

How has your audience changed over the years? Hire Writer Not withstanding that, Benetton managed to enhance credibility among its customers. A total of million hits were counted. We are in a different stage of social engagement.

However, it is still keen to stick to its founding values. By Leonie Roderick 27 Jul 8: Attention from international media also reflected the relevance of the issue addressed by the UNHATE campaign, with more than 3, articles published in the press and over TV reports aired in 60 countries around the world.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: But to be more competitive, we will focus on affordable quality and start to express our Italian roots a lot more. Young people and families play a substantial part in this.

The piece was designed and built by students from around the world and presented as a symbol of peace to the people of Libya on Independence Day Should that be the reason for us not to do it at our size?In the early s, Benetton Group introduced a new approach to corporate communication campaigns.

Products were never displayed: the messages were about civil, social and political issues – a strategy which every wise advertising executive of the time would have been careful to avoid. The Benetton campaigns since have always been futuristic, provocative and high controversial - Benetton Communication Strategy introduction.

By shocking people, it grabed media and consumers attention and awake their curiosity.

Media & Press

Indeed, Benetton won numerious awards but also knew difficulties to make their campaigns profitable on the. Aug 20,  · Watch video · “What the family now urgently needs is a straight plan of communication and crisis management.

They need to demonstrate the company acted in good faith or admit any possible fault.”.

Benetton hunts for ‘respect and desirability’ with new marketing strategy

Benetton Group: Evolution of Communication Strategy Introduction Benetton, the Italian retailer was engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of clothing. How Benetton is changing its colours. In order to execute Benetton’s new strategy, Mollanger believes the company will have to go back to its beginnings to inform the approach it takes in future.

What is the biggest change in Benetton’s brand communications in the past 50 years? It is the policy of Benetton Group Chairman Alessandro Benetton to be in increasing communication with the world of young people, with a digital communication strategy focused on social media.

Up to 80% of the advertising budget will be allocated to digital marketing over the coming years, which has already shown its potential to deliver.

Benetton communication strategy
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