Beauty or brains

Aug 18, According to me, beauty and brain go together, beauty is lies in a face, it lies in the heart of everyone. So I want to assert that not beauty but brains win the heart of man ultimately.

It is the knowledge which we gain that protects us from problems and helps us achieve goals by implementing it. My legs not slim enough?

Beauty or Brain - who can rule the world?

A question Beauty or brains answered, a result seen all the time. Jun 19, Yes, beauty and brains always go together because they are inter dependent on each other. Sep 27, Of course. For example a beautiful brain damage girl can able to rule the world?

I thoughts we want both beauty and brain. We know beauty is two type 1. Love the site- just found it through Twitter but will be checking in regularly- I could learn a lot. Beauty can Beauty or brains the world for short while but Brain once recognised, rules till eternity example Albert Einstein and many more scientists.

All parameters of beauty made by a human, so the see according to his perception. Photo by daveeza Physical Beauty over Intellect There are many people to whom we can put under the banner of "materialistic".

The conclusion is brain is important. As for example, first, we meet or see any person if his or her personality is adorable and attractive then we will be little bit impress him for his looks.

Sep 15, Of course, beauty and brain go together, if you have brain, you know the true meaning of beauty. If it is such a thing, it requires nourishment properly. Beauty is a comparative idea. Brain with wise thoughts and intellect is considered beautiful. To achieve name and fame in life, one needs to have an intelligent mind.

Skin beauty is replaced by another more beautiful person but an intelligent brain can never be replaced and with the passing the time you become more and more wise, tolerant, consistent, confident intelligent only if you could use your brain.

Being beautiful is not based on your physical appearance, it is based on your inner character or your attitudes and behavior.


The brain stays till dying. If they have great hair, tell them that. And I do believe that beauty and brain can go together.Jun 11,  · Model Amy Willerton and journalist Daisy Buchanan debate whether beauty or brains can get you further in life. Click here to watch more: Feb 17,  · It's beauty vs brain!

Ok, so, physical beauty is a natural gift. We inherit our looks. Structure of our eyes, ears, nose, lips, face and all the body parts are neither made by us nor we can make any adjustments unless we don't go for surgery.

So. Not just a pretty face: Modern men prefer women with brains rather than beauty. Men prefer intellect over curvy figures when looking for a partner, claims new research.

Play Beauty or Brains: Which One Are You? on! Are you a Beauty? Or more a Brains? Choose your team and start the battle! You’re going to sell pizza for thirty days. But beware of the other team, because they’re doing the same thing.

Make sure the customers pick your place over theirs. Improve your recipe, expand your stall and. Beauty is very short lived however the brain is infinite however it would be a bonus to have beauty with brain which is a rare combination.

Any ways the beauty is only in the eyes of beholder and the criterion for being beuatifull would differ from person to person but being brainy would be accepted by most as the criterion is usually common.

Apr 13,  · ‘Knowledge is power’ and brain is the container of knowledge. A man is different from a beast only for his brain that makes him learn to differentiate between good and evil.

Physical beauty is an added quality.

Beauty or Brains: Which One Are You?

Life is enlightened for brains and Reviews:

Beauty or brains
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