Automatic water level controller

If you use a 12V relay then the R12 can be shorted. The circuit uses 6 transistors, 1 NE timer IC, a relay and few passive components. Since a capacitance probe must be wholly encased in insulating material, it must not be cut to length.

Because the cap is stainless steel, it is virtually non-magnetic, and allows the lines of magnetism to pass through it. A simple capacitor can be made by inserting dielectric material a substance which has little or no electrical conductivity, for example airbetween two parallel plates of conducting material Figure 3.

All these port pin are high all sensor probes are open means the tank is empty. Use insulated single strand aluminium wires for probe and they can be arranged in the tank as per the probe arrangement diagram. This probe is covered by a suitable dielectric material, typically PTFE.

Use a holder for mounting NE The probes can be binded on a plastic rod and should be erected vertically inside the tank. When relay is activated these contacts close which forms a short across collector and emitter of Q6. The tip of a conductivity probe must be cut to the correct length so that it accurately represents the desired switching point.

When the lavatory is flushed, the water level drops in the cistern, the float follows the water level down and opens the inlet water valve.

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When water level rises, the ground comes in contact with the particular pin of encoder input. As the magnet moves up and down, the inductance of the coil will alter, and this is used to provide an analogue signal to a controller and then to the feedwater level control valve.

Since the distance between the two capacitance plates above the water surface the chamber wall and the probe is large, so the capacitance CA is small see Equation 3. The circuit diagram of the water level controller is shown in the figure below. If you are interested, read that too: Thus for each and every level the encoder produces corresponding binary digits.

Resistor R8 is a pull up resistor for the trigger pin of the NE It is easier to use than the regular seven-segment display because it is already decoded. LED D7 is the low sump indicator.

Conversely, the distance between the plates below the water surface the probe and the water itself is small and therefore, the capacitance CB will be large compared with CA. Now its collector voltage goes high and high at P2. Under UK regulations, this must be tested daily.

Water level controller circuit diagram Probe arrangement diagram The probes can be arranged as shown in the diagram above. The amplified change in capacitance is then signalled to a suitable controller.

The inverted output become using not gate. Do not use a relay that consumes mA. This will minimise the risk of dirt build-up around the insulator, see Figure 3.

Collector of Q2 is connected to the base of transistor Q6 and as result transistor Q6 gets switched ON. Resistor R13 limits the LED current. An everyday example of level control with a float is the cistern in a lavatory. The output of IC1 goes high for about 1S. When the water level reaches full level the transistor Q1 gets switched ON.

The level sensor probes for the overhead tank are interfaced to the port 2 of the microcontroller through transistors. The circuit is completely automatic which starts the pump motor when the water level in the over head tank goes below a preset level and switches OFF the pump when the water level in the over head tank goes above the full level.

Eventually the cistern shuts and as fresh water runs in, the water level increases, the float rises and progressively closes the inlet water valve until the required level is reached.

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The sensed values are connected to an encoder circuit. The unit of capacitance is one coulomb per volt, which is termed one farad.

Automatic water level controllers

A probe metal rod is suspended in the tank see Figure 3.Fire Pump Controller For Diesel Driven Fire Pumps FD4 Fire Pump Controller Series FD4 The Metron Model FD4 controller is designed to specifically. Water Level Indicator Project Circuit Features: Easy installation.

Low maintenance. Compact elegant design. The Automatic water level controller ensures no overflows or dry running of pump there by saves electricity and water.

A water level controller using is shown in this article.

P4 Plug in Level Controller for Panel Mounting

A lot of water level controller projects have been published in this website but this is the first one based on a microcontroller. This water level controller monitors the level of the over head tank and automatically switches on the.

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Water level in the tank or any reservoir is sensed using simple pull up resistor arrangement.

Water Level Control Electrode

Here we define 7 levels in the reservoir. The sensed values are connected to an encoder circuit.

Automatic water level controller
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