Are our zoos cruel to wild animals discuss essay

Animals have a habitat their that is looks like a jungle. Most favorite of hunters are wild deer and even tigers. You have to focus on how they may protect wild animals. In addition, when animals are kept in zoos, they usually do not have their moms to teach them all survival skills required for living in the wild.

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Others however believe that zoos can be useful in protecting wild animals. We all know most of these wild creatures are already endangered because of human activity such as hunting and illegal selling. If they live in the zoo, they could not be killed by their predators because they live in each cage.

The positive side of Zoo, it can show the animals that we cannot see in our country unless you go to another country also we can learn about the animals are kept against their natural way of living, their lives can be greatly threaten.

But look at this bit carefully: Lastly, visiting a zoo brought so much excitement not only to the kids but to adults as well. It is entertaining to see different types of monkeys playing, swinging from one branch to another; groups of flamingos in varied colors; and there are zoos that they will allow visitors to feed them at certain period of time.

In this essay, the author makes it clear at the beginning that they support the closing down of zoos. In their wild habitat, the animal might be killed by their enemies.

However, if the habitat of these lovely God creatures is not well managed, then it is better to close this institution. They could feel bored with the limited place that is available in the zoo.

This is the most interesting question for the protection the animals. Secondly, in the zoo, we will gain knowledge about their existence. These days, animals are under threat from humans in many ways, seen for example in the way that their habitats are being destroyed through the cutting down of rain forests, or through poaching.

Understanding the Question You must always read the question carefully and note if there is anything restricting the topic.

These sort of activity also helps a lot in building a camaraderie to all sort of generation. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

Are our zoos cruel to wild animal? Discuss.

In conclusion, animals should be protected but this does not have to be in zoos. Following on from this, the argument is that zoos can protect some of these animals who are under threat.

Secondly the zoo protected the animals and they try to help these animals in danger of extinction. Zoo Essay In this IELTS Zoo Essay you have to discuss whether you think zoos are cruel and should be shut down or whether they are useful as they protect some wild animals.

Also they cannot interact with the other animals.

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I remember when I was in college we went to a mini safari and I had so much fun while learning about lions. And of course you must remember to give your own opinion. I would say it is one of the memorable experience I had a student.In this IELTS Zoo Essay you have to discuss whether you think zoos are cruel and should be shut down or whether they are useful as they protect some wild animals.

Essays on zoos have appeared in the IELTS test before and this was a.

In conclusion, animals are born wild and therefore should live and die wild. It is wrong that wild creatures should be kept in enclosures in zoos as they do not get to behave naturally: a lion cannot hunt for its prey, or experience the nobility of living with other lions in a pride.

I don't think zoos are animal cruelty- many zoos respect the animals by giving them generous living space, and the same eating patterns that they would have in the wild. Also, zoos help us learn more about animals- they make them more real to us than pages on a magezine.

I'll bet most of the people who feel so strongly about zoos wouldn't feel.

PTE Zoo Sample Essay Topics: Are our zoos cruel to wild animals discuss PTE & IELTS, along with advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals in cages. - Among many other fun and exciting attraction to visit around our community, a visit to the zoo has always been a memorable experience.

Effects on Animals in Zoos Essay - Have you ever felt sorry for animals in a cage. Animals are held captive all over the world; approximately over 1, species of animals are in a zoo. If wild animals. Zoos can make the visitors happy, but it might not be the same condition as the wild animal’s feeling.

I trust that zoos are cruel to the faunas. Numeruous people think that zoos are good for the wild animals. Keeping animals in the zoos can save the animals from extinction than let them free in their habitat.

Are our zoos cruel to wild animals discuss essay
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