An introduction to the aztec nation of warriors

Once the city was conquered the main temple would be set on fire signaling far and wide, to all concerned, the Aztec victory. Essentially a wooden sword with sharp obsidian blades embedded into its sides similar in appearance and build to a modern cricket bat. A sling made from maguey fiber.

And for that, he was only provided with a frugal meal of half a maize cake at the age of three, a full maize cake at the age of five, and one-and-a-half maize cake at the age of twelve. Usually made to work as a single piece of clothing with an opening in the back, they covered the entire torso and most of the extremities of a warrior, and offered added protection to the wearer.

Ambassadors[ edit ] Once the Aztecs had decided to conquer a particular city Altepetlthey sent an ambassador from Tenochtitlan to offer the city protection.

If enemies still refused to surrender the rest of the city could be burned as well, but this was uncommon. Class in Aztec societyAztec societyand Aztec slavery Folio from the Codex Mendoza showing a commoner advancing through the ranks by taking captives in war.

Since the Aztec army was larger than their adversaries that were normally smaller city states and since the numbers of combatants on each side were fixed, the Aztec army was sending a much smaller percentage of their total forces than their opponents. Usually the first to march were the priests carrying the effigies, the next day the nobles marched led by the Tlacochcalcatl and Tlacateccatl.

Smith argues that the altepetl was primarily a political unit, made up of the population with allegiance to a lord, rather than as a territorial unit. And together banding with their culturally-aligned, Nahuatl-speaking brethren from the allied cities of Texcoco and Tlacopan, the Mexica nobles and princes formed what is known as the Aztec Triple Alliance or the Aztec Empire.

One often cited purpose is the taking of sacrificial captives and this was certainly an important part of most Aztec warfare. Aztec Warriors The Aztec empire was an empire that expanded rapidly. Even after the confederation of the Triple Alliance was formed in and began its expansion through conquest, the altepetl remained the dominant form of organization at the local level.

The Toluca valley was a buffer zone against the powerful Tarascan state in Michoacanagainst which Axayacatl turned next. In the war against Coixtlahuacan the Aztec army numberedwarriors andporters. If the caravan was likely to pass through dangerous territory, Aztec warriors accompanied the travelers to provide much-needed protection from wild animals and rival cultures.

Thus, sons of high nobility tended to succeed more often in war than those of lower nobility. This part was developed as Tenochtitlanthe nerve centre of the Aztec Empire. Captives had the option of fighting Aztec warriors in order to obtain their freedom and would be forced to fight with a handicap such as with one hand tied behind their backs.

In the basin of Mexico, altepetl was composed of subdivisions called calpolli, which served as the main organizational unit for commoners.

Murals at Teotihuacan show warriors using this effective weapon and it is characteristic of the Mesoamerican cultures of central Mexico. It should be noted that the Calmecac priests, many of whom were accomplished noble warriors in themselves, were also presented with their rank-signifying armor sets.

To the East of the growing Aztec empire was the city-state of Tlaxcala. As you may imagine, this made for a very fast-paced game, and the players had to constantly throw themselves against the surface of the court to keep the ball from landing.

Eduardo Noguerap. The telpochcalli was accountable for the training of approximately to youths between the ages of fifteen and twenty years old. Sometimes they would wear wood helmets with the insignia of their order.

The Aztec Empire Inunder their leader Itzcoatl, the Aztecs formed a three-way alliance with the Texcocans and the Tacubans to defeat their most powerful rivals for influence in the region, the Tepanec, and conquer their capital of Azcapotzalco.

In many ways, the large number of troops fielded by the Aztecs provided them with a tactical advantage in campaigns that went beyond obvious numerical superiority. The youths were however introduced to real combat scenarios only during the major religious festivals that were mostly held in the central district of the city.

These were small polities ruled by a hereditary leader tlatoani from a legitimate noble dynasty. They also consumed some insects. Losing a Flower War would then be less damaging for the Aztec army than for its opponents. Once a son had inherited the land, he could keep it or sell it.

Aztec warfare

There is some disagreement about exactly how high a warrior could rise in society. The altepetl included a capital which served as a religious center, the hub of distribution and organization of a local population which often lived spread out in minor settlements surrounding the capital.

The first action of a ruler elect was always to stage a military campaign which served the dual purpose of showing his ability as a warrior and thus make it clear to subject polities that his rule would be as tough on any rebellious conduct as that of his predecessor, and to provide abundant captives for his coronation ceremony.Aztec warfare concerns the aspects associated with the militaristic conventions, forces, weaponry and strategic expansions conducted by the Late Postclassic Aztec civilizations of Mesoamerica, including particularly the military history of the Aztec Triple Alliance involving the city-states of Tenochtitlan.

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Introduction. Aztec Calendar. Credit: Courtesy of PBS site Conquistadors. All about us we saw cities and villages built in the water, their great towers and buildings of masonry rising out of it When I beheld the scenes around me I thought within myself, this was the garden.

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About Aztec Indians

Aztec Warriors: Rank and Warrior Societies. These Aztec warriors reached the high rank of Eagle and Jaguar knights. Eagle and Jaguar Knights. Eagle and Jaguar warriors were the two main military societies, the highest rank open to commoners.

In battle they carried atlatls, bows, spears and daggers. They received special battle costumes.

An introduction to the aztec nation of warriors
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