An essay on should mothers stay at home

However this trend seems to be reversing in the recent with a good number of professional women spending most of their time at home with their kids.

Mothers have shown more satisfaction in meeting their family goals than in meeting their career goals. Nevertheless, Reason 1 Topic Sentence: They can ensure that their kids are not falling into bad company and can supervise their studies, too.

These expenses may include business clothes, dry cleaning, gas, expensive lattes from a coffee shop, and overly-priced burgers at a fast food restaurant.

This trend shows an increased preference among mothers to stay at home with their children. Staying at home will eliminate child care expenses. What if a mother decides to work? They are also able to instill values which they feel are important for their children.

Wallis, However this came with a great sacrifice for their family. Do the police do anything about that? The woman will end up losing the children to the outside world, because they will want to explore the world that their mother did not explore. The children imbibe all values from their caretakers and therefore they may grow up into individuals with conflicting values- confused and thirsting for attention and love.

The end result has been a generation of disgruntled youths who have not experienced any parental love. For some families, having mom stay at home is not feasible.

Should Mothers Stay At Home To Raise Their Children? Essay Sample

Mothers are credible and trustworthy figures in social movements including humanitarian causes which are why they are often involved in many community activities. It is a common belief that mothers, who stay at home, are able to bring up their children better than those who are working, rightly so because they are able to devote the whole day to their children.

Many of them have found it difficult to balance between career and family commitment and their motherly nature have overtaken their career nature and therefore opted to stay at home with their kids.

Short Essay on Stay at Home Moms vs. Working Moms

So I will say think before you but yourself in things like this housewife business. This concept is no longer the norm for American households.

It is contended that mothers can still effectively raise their children while doing other things which are also crucial for their own personal growth and contentment.

Debate: Should mothers stay at home to raise their children

From to the number of mothers working for more than 50 hours a week increased from 5. Essay Sample Opening Sentence: Wallis, However this figure has been falling with time.

Most of them have agreed that they find internal peace and satisfaction when they are with their children. We have brought up a generation that finds parental love in teenage gangs in the street where they can experience a family atmosphere.

In terms of health, mothers are good caregivers owing to the fact that they have taken care of their own children so they can easily give care to others as well.

Women have a natural instinct to nurture their children and therefore they should spend most of their time with their kids at home to provide them with a family growth atmosphere. But the changing world has seen reverse in these roles and more mothers have been engaged in the workplace while a few fathers have remained back home looking for their children.

Time, March More essays like this: Whenever she is not feeling well and she forgets to cook or clean because she was not feeling well, she gets a beating for that.

Maximum words Submit The woman is abused and the woman does not know anything about the outside word, no help to turn to!Free Essay: Mother's Should Stay Home with Their Children One day a mother and her three and a half-year-old daughter were approaching a daycare center. The.

Mothers Should Stay At Home with Their Children Essay Sample

It also gives the mothers a chance to enjoy their children. Mothers, who stay at home, can take good care of their children’s health. They can prepare healthy nutritious meals for them and look after them. They can ensure that their kids are not falling into bad company and can supervise their studies, too.

Should Moms Stay at Home? Matt Sayar, Austin Foggs, Jackie Doughty, Dimitri Scott, Luke Hobbs Hobbs For the yes side of the argument, writer of the article from Time Magazine “The Case for Staying Home”, Claudia Wallis, says more and more women are choosing to stay at home.

The challenge of raising decent children solely lies in their hands owing to the fact that most families of today remains to be patriarchal. Meaning, the traditional standards of family set-ups are conditioned that fathers are obliged to work and earn while mothers should stay at home and take charge of the children and the entire household.

The decision to stay at home or work will be one of the most difficult decisions a mother will make. Most women would testify that being a stay at home mother has both its benefits, and its downfalls.

However many studies also point to the years before a child starts school as the most important in its educational and emotional development. Many believe that for this reason the mother should be at home at least until her children start school in order to afford them the best start in life.

An essay on should mothers stay at home
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