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Later on in grad school, I was deeply influenced by the powerful activist work of two of my professors, Sonali Gulati and Bob Paris. Home aesthetics recall the need for sanctuary, while frail building materials such as fabric and cardboard recall the necessity of making do or coping with Alma leiva situation.

The play-scapes or scenes allude to actual violent crimes and even memorialize some of the victims caught up in the endless cycle. Latino community today have always fascinated me, but I refuse to preach to my audience.

That is why I am interested in creating work that addresses my social concerns and which debates these issues in an effective way so that it leads viewers to investigate deeper.

What is the role of the liminal space between truth and fiction for you?

Celdas: Alma Leiva, The Fence

Between research and production and documentation of the work it often Alma leiva me weeks to complete the tableau it can vary depending on the complexity of the workwhich I photograph using color film with one image as the final product. More recently, I lost a family member to the post-war violence that has taken over Central America.

Mayan iconography is Alma leiva as mere decorations, relegated to a long forgotten past. Over the following weeks, I became obsessed with developing video work that would inform the public of the wave of violence that had swept through my homeland.

Your work addresses a very important but misunderstood portion of US-Latin American history and relations. Do you take on a kind of advocacy or activism? I chose to create work that addresses my social and political concerns and which debates these issues in an effective way so that it leads viewers to investigate deeper.

I incorporate Hand-made Mayan stencils sometimes using newspaper and catholic iconography, which allude to colonialism and the history of violence that predates the conquest. It is what makes one a better practitioner. Alma leiva sense of alienation and isolation present in Celdas, recalls the paranoia experienced by these individuals as they search for respite from the threats of the outside world.

Each year, photographers of all levels are invited to submit work that fits under one or more thematic categories. As one of the few practicing artists originally from Central America and now living in the U.

I knew then that I would do something to try to change injustice, and that I would do it from beyond the borders of my homeland.

As immigrants living in the U. My work aims to humanize the victim rather than sensationalize the event. In order to convey the sense of displacement that newly arrived immigrants experience, I travel throughout the U. In this sense, my work has a conscious element of activism and advocacy.

You could say that my work draws both on my personal sense of place and my experience of displacement. Like I mentioned before, research is an important and crucial part of my practice.

From the clips of presidential speeches to the photographed interiors, a sense of evidence pervades the work. Even though I come from a working class family, I was exposed to the poverty that pervaded many of the slums in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Yes, I have a few projects lined up. A while ago, I lost a family member to the post-war violence that has taken over Central America.

I came to a juncture familiar to most artists, where you have to choose between doing art for commercial reasons and creating work true to your own experience in my case, my experience as an immigrant. The juxtaposition of catholic and Mayan iconography, recall Spanish colonialism and the history of violence in Central America.

As an undergraduate student in Miami, I learned that my uncle back in Honduras had been murdered in front of his family while coming home from a soccer game. When I first went back to Honduras, the gang violence problem had taken on a magnitude beyond imagination, and yet on the surface things looked normal.

She was born in Honduras and moved to the United States when she was fourteen.Addresses and Phone Numbers for 20 people named Alma Leiva. Quick access to Public Records in California, Florida, Virginia, Texas and Washington.

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Exploring Latino Identities: Alma Leiva

Alma’s education is listed on their profile. See the complete profile Title: Graduate Student at Virginia. Alma Leiva is a Honduran born artist, who moved to the United States at the age of fourteen.

She has studied both a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Art and has exhibited her work internationally and across the US and has been featured by many publications.

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Alma leiva
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